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3 Wedding Dress Alteration Tips From the Experts

On their special day, every bride wants to look and feel flawless in her wedding gown. That’s why finding the perfect alteration shop for wedding dress alterations is an important step in the planning process. At Chic Sport Tailor in the heart of Leominster, MA, they specialize in making sure brides look their best on their special day.

Here are three tips for wedding dress alterations:

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  • Make An Appointment: Finding the right tailor to alter your wedding dress is incredibly important. Do your research, ask for recommendations from friends, and don’t be afraid to shop around. When you find a tailor that works for you, schedule your appointment in advance. As wedding dress alterations take time, it’s important to make your appointments early!
  • Plan Your Size: When meeting with your tailor, plan accordingly. Have you been working out? Are you pregnant and expecting a size change? Be realistic with your sizing, and take these factors into consideration as you tailor your bridal gown. 
  • Bring Undergarments To Your Fitting: When you head to your tailor for fittings, make sure you bring your undergarments and your shoes with you. Having these items on hand is key, as they are an important part of your full wedding ensemble. They will affect the way your gown looks as well as the length of your hem line. 

If you live in the Leominster, MA, area, and you’re looking for a professional tailor that specializes in wedding dress alterations, call Chic Sport Tailor today at (978) 840-6960 to schedule your next appointment. For more information on this alteration shop and how they can help you look perfect on your wedding day, visit them online.

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