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4 Signs Your Wedding Dress Needs Tailoring by Worcester County’s Best Alteration Shop

Your wedding date is quickly approaching, and it’s time to schedule your dress fitting. How do you know if the dress needs tailoring? After working on wedding dress alterations for over 20 years, Chic Sport Tailor of Leominster, MA, says that there are several signs to look out for during your appointment. Take advantage of this local tailor service, and you won’t have to worry about a thing! They make it their business to ensure each dress is perfectly tailored to comfortably fit the bride on her special day.

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During your fitting, there are four things that Chic Sport Tailor will point out that indicate additional wedding dress alterations are necessary:

  • Tightness In The Back: This is when the fabric of the dress is so tight that it bunches up on your back, providing an overall unflattering look and major discomfort. Chic Sport Tailor will be able to take the material out in order to give you more room to breathe and move.
  • Sewn-In Undergarments: It might be necessary to have a built-in bra sewn into your dress, but how will you manage the loose fit? Talk with Chic Sport Tailor about the possibility of a foundation corset that will help hold everything in place.alteration shop
  • Straps vs. Strapless: Take into consideration the shape of your body and how much you plan to dance during the reception. This will help you to decide whether or not to have straps added to your dress.
  • Length Of Your Dress: If you’re changing into more comfortable shoes for the reception, keep in mind that your dress length may be an issue. You don’t want to risk tripping over it and tearing the bustle, so ask the experts at Chic Sport Tailor about the right length for your gown.

Chic Sport Tailor is one of the go-to bridal shops for all wedding dress alterations, and their professional tailors will advise you as to how the gown should be altered to provide the perfect fit. To set up your fitting with this alteration shop, call (978) 840-6960, or visit their website

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