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Need Leather Alterations? Call Leominster's Best Tailor Service

Do you require alterations to leather jackets and other leather clothing items? Rely on the friendly experts at Chic Sport Tailor in Leominster, MA. The premier tailor service is celebrated for their outstanding leather alterations, and they emphasize the importance of “going pro” in terms of altering leather clothing.

Check out the benefits of having the Leominster alteration shop work on your leather items:

  • Specialty Material: Leather is a specialty material that many find difficult to work with. Rather than risking serious damage to your leather items, utilize the expertise of the Chic Sport Tailor staff. Team members know everything about leather alterations and will ensure your pieces are handled with the utmost care.
  • Complex Alterations: Whether you're having jacket sleeves lengthened, a zipper repaired, commissioning a change in the panel or lining, or something else, leather alterations are rarely simple. Working with a professional alteration shop is necessary to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Old Material: It’s not uncommon for vintage leather jackets and other retro leather clothing to require alterations. Since older material is more delicate, it pays to utilize the expert Leominster tailor service.
  • Custom Creations: If you're interested in creating a custom piece, such as a leather jacket trimmed with fur from another item,  call Chic Sport Tailor to make your vision a reality.

Chic Sport Tailor is undoubtedly the best spot in Leominster for leather alterations, suit alterations, wedding dress alterations, prom and homecoming dress alterations, and much more. The alteration shop staff has more than 20 years of experience under their belt, and they know how to customize everything to perfection.

Discuss your leather alteration needs with this professional tailor service today! For more on leather alterations, suit alterations, and other services available through Chic Sport Tailor, call (978) 840-6960, or visit the website.

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